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The Head Office and Manufacturing Plant are situated in Otaki on the Kapiti Coast, Lower North Island of New Zealand. This site manufactures and distributes product throughout New Zealand and overseas.

ENVIROPAINTS recognised the need to reduce waste paint and paint associated raw materials being disposed of indiscriminately into landfills around New Zealand.

ENVIROPAINTS LTD was founded in September 2000:

The new company mission statement became: 


In 2000 the Auckland City Council conducted research to establish an Anti-Tag Graffiti campaign. ENVIROPAINTS LTD was given the opportunity to work in conjunction with them. After research & development it was agreed to look at waste paint that was normally disposed of at landfills, and a  recycling programme was delevoped.

Thirteen tonne’s of selected waste paint was retrieved in the first month of operation in conjunction with the HazMobile collections in the Auckland region. These collections steadily increased with up to 13 tonnes per collection in the bigger cities now being collected. Enviropaints not only focus on waste paint but can also uplift selected oxides, pigments, solvents, resins and emulsions, which are also recycled.
The recycling process uses waste paint, combined and formulated with virgin raw materials creating a totally new quality paint product suitable for exterior and interior use. The end result of this innovative recycling process brings about a new recreated cost efficient product suitable for multiple uses.

ENVIROPAINTS collected, sorted and recreated paint initially into seven fashionable colours to meet the Auckland City Council anti-tag programme. Civic Contractors Ltd was given the contract to apply the recreated paint, using specialised equipment also supplied by ENVIROPAINTS. The ongoing campaign has created a much cleaner city and reduced the volumes of waste in the landfills.

Other regional councils thoughout New Zealand have since embarked on similar programmes, with training from ENVIROPAINTS.

As a result of collecting waste paint, ENVIROPAINTS has also reduced the volume of other waste material that would normally go to landfills. For example metal tins are collected and recycled as scrap metal, some of which are exported overseas. Plastic pails are washed and dried, then go through a specialised sorting process to put them into recycling grades. The pails are then granulated and diverse ranges of new buckets are produced.

ENVIROPAINTS can manufacture more paint than the Councils can use.

ENVIROPAINTS is constantly looking outside the square at new innovated zero waste projects to keep our country clean and green and welcome other interactive opportunities both in New Zealand and overseas.

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