How much paint do I need?

The coverage of most of the paints (except Texture coatings) is between 8-12 square metres per litre. If you are painting a wall that has an area of approximately 9 square metres you will require 1 litre to give it one coat. The coverage also depends on the surface to be painted like if it is soft or hard and if it is absorbent and will soak the initial coat in. Usually two coats of topcoat over one coat of undercoat are sufficient to give a proper protection and finish to the surface.

In what weather conditions can I paint?

In winter, we recommend painting between 10am and 3pm, especially if outdoor and frost is anticipated. It is not recommend to paint when surface temperature is below 10°C.

Also avoid painting in damp and very humid conditions.

In summer any fine day is good for painting.

What primer should I use?

For wood, plywood, and standard wallpaper use one coat of Acrylic All Purpose Undercoat if you like water based paint or Alkyd undercoat if you need a solvent based product.

For gib board, M D F, particleboard, pinex and vinyl wallpaper use one coat of Acrylic sandable sealer undercoat for water based paint or Alkyd General Purpose primer for solvent based product.

For concrete, brickwork and hardiflex we recommend that you use water based paints, and there is no need for an undercoat just put two or three coats of topcoat if necessary.

For previously painted surfaces, clean the surface, ensure that the paint is not peeling off, sand it, and apply one coat of latex white

For steel, use one coat of Anti Corrosive Etch Primer or Aqua Roof Primer or Aqua Metal Primer depending on where you are painting.

For aluminium and other metals use one coat of etch primer.

Note: For opening sashes, windows and doors use Alkyd Enamel or Acro(water based) enamel.
Surface preparation

Ensure surface to be painted is dry, free from dirt, grease, or other contamination. Remove and clean any rust if painting on a metal surface. Remove all loose and flaky paint. Fill and sand nail holes and imperfections. Sand bare timber or metal before applying suitable primer. Do not paint on chalky or powdery surfaces.

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