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DAIRYCOAT: This is a non toxic hard wearing product with a smooth easy clean finish suitable for all food preparation and manufacture areas.

When purchasing Dairycoat you will also need to purchase Dairycoat Thinners supplied in 1 Litre & 4 Litre tins to thin the first coat and for clean up.

Application Brooms & Trays are also available to purchase

As with any product, proper preparation & application is essential.
Please read information data below or download Product Information Datasheet for Dairycoat and the Material Safety Datasheet.

If you have any further questions please ring 0800 50 368476
This is a non toxic hard wearing product with a smooth easy clean finish suitable for all food preparation and manufacture areas.
 Uses For the inside of cowshed and food processing area walls and floors. Formulated to withstand the abuse of high pressure hot water and still retain its finish and original adhesion to the substrate. 
Full Gloss
Colour Range
99/100 BS5252
Heat Resistance
Up to 120ºC
Guarantee 10 Years
Approximately 9 square metres per one litre (100 square feet per one litre
Surface Preparation As with any product, proper preparation is essential;
  1. It is IMPERATIVE all surfaces are CLEAN and DRY
  2. Dirt and Grime:  Wash and scrub with water and  wash again.  Leave to dry.
  3. Oily substances:  Use suitable solvent eg Dairycoat Thinners. Wash and scrub with water and wash again
  4. If the surface is old and there is existing paint, we suggest  that you water blast.  If this product is to be painted on wood, we advise the use of an approved undercoat before application.
  5. To test if the surface is dry, tape a square of polythene to surface, ensuring its secure all the way round (no air can enter) apply heat or leave overnight. When polythene is removed and the back is damp or substrate differs in colour to surrounding area, DO NOT proceed because moisture is present.
  1. Use broom or brush.  DO NOT USE ROLLER.
  2. Apply this product on a DECLINING temperature - between 20ºC down to 5ºC. This allows solvent to be sucked into the substrate. If applied in the heat of day small pin holing can form on surface as water vapor comes out of substrate.
Dry Time
Approx. half an hour between coats.  Allow plenty of ventilation
Dairycoat Thinners
Clean Up
Dairycoat Thinners
Container Sizes
1 Litre, 4 Litre, 10 Litre, 20 Litre
Coating Format Brush in a thinned first coat, by 10% to 15% to ensure a good key for your successive
coats. A total of 3 coats is recommended
Risk Mitigation Remove all food products from the immediate area of the coating application process and allow a stand
down time of 48 hours before recommencing food production. See associated MSDS3 for Health &
Safety advice


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