Elastocoat 300

ElastoCoat 300

A water based tough, hard wearing breathable elastomeric coating that adheres to existing painted surfaces, concrete, timber , waterproofing membranes and sealants with minimal preparation. Supplied at application viscosity, it gives an extremely tough and hard film.  Because it uses a high performance polymer it is resistant to yellowing and age crazing. It has state of the art UV absorbers incorporated that assist in surface protection from the effects of sunlight.
For Use On: It is frequently used as an waterproofing,/sealing, decorative coating on retaining walls, concrete construction panels, renders and plasters. Use on our Asbestos Encapsulation System and the Blue barrier Leaking Homes System.

Although an Elastomeric with a viscosity of 120ku this will spray though a top end  airless spray like the Graco 695. We recommend Strouds in Auckland to supply this.
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Elastocoat 300 Acrylic

Elastocoat 300 Acrylic

Elastomeric Topcoat Pastel Colours 10L Pail

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